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Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
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"It is not the elephants who work for us,
    but we who live to the rhythm of elephants"

Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
She arrived on April 12, 2023, her name, Fandee means “sweet dreams” in Thai.
We were told she was a little over thirty, her papers say 50, but it appears she is at least 70:
She is missing an eye, her ears are cut like old flags, she has many scars, her temples are terribly indented and she seems to no longer have any teeth!
We knew it, but we gave in: this old beast was still carrying a basket with tourists for 9 hours a day a few days ago. She may not live much longer, but her last days will be peaceful!
The other elephants gave her a warm welcome, let's let her rest and regain her strength...
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
She “worked” in a gigantic temple, in the center of Thailand, spending her days tied with a ridiculously small chain waiting for a basket to be put on her back to carry the next tourist who came to make an offering at the temple…

We met her, we fell in love, she arrived at our home on December 8, 2022
38 year old female and now in great shape!
When we met her, in mid-March 2023, she was working nine hours a day carrying tourists on a basket. The contact was excellent and she immediately understood that her life was going to change by following us.
A few days later she was at our house
and got to know our two other residents
on temporary land before coming to settle on our new land!
Around forty years old, exceptionally charming, she looks terribly like Yani, so much so that her mahout decided to call her “YANI”!
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
For years, she took tourists on her back to an elephant camp in Pattaya.
Two years without tourists, following the political health crisis, fed just at a minimum, she finally returned to her village of origin in Buriram.
That's where we met her, hiding behind a house desperately waiting for a better world.

At 50 years old, she arrived with us on November 23, 2022.
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark

THESE 4 ELEPHANTS are currently boarding at ELEPHANT NATURE PARK in Chiang May

This is Yani, our first elephant of our own!
We love her and she reciprocates, she's a magnificent, intelligent beast,
who, after working for years walking tourists on a small circuit, finds life beautiful alongside us.
She arrived with us at the age of 35 in September 2011.
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
When we went to look for Yani, there was an old elephant suffering in the sun, no one was taking care of her because she no longer brings in any money!
We took Sengdao out of this hell so that she could end her days in good conditions.
She became her mahout's best friend.
We collected her in the state of a skeleton, she regains her shape and forms little by little...
She is now 91 year old !
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
May 22, 2012
Arrival of Thongdeng,
The event was filmed (see video page)
And the big surprise was to realize that she is pregnant!
We're waiting for the vet to come by to get an idea of when the baby will arrive!
Small disappointment: no baby....
February 4, 2014
After a walk of more than 100 km, Tongkham, a beautiful 48-year-old female leaves the camp where she worked to end her life with us.
She was sold to us because she was supposed to be mean and violent.
After walking more than 100 km in three days to come to us, she was exhausted: she stayed two days without moving and observing. When she understood that she would be treated well, she changed her behavior, we never had a problem with her!
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
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