Le Domaine des éléphants
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Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark

Our motivation is as follows:
1. Live happily with elephants in good conditions
2. Ensuring that the people who are with us thrive in their work
3. Bring something positive to the people who come to see us
4. Prove that it is possible to make a living from tourism with elephants without mistreating or overexploiting them.
For the happiness of our elephants and our animals,
For our happiness and that of the people who come to see us
And within the framework of environmental protection

- Those who love nature and animals
- Family travelers, even with young children
- Lovers of calm and beautiful landscapes
- Small groups (8 people maximum)
- Party people or late risers
- Elderly people or people with reduced mobility
- Groups of more than eight people
- People wanting four-star comfort
- Person who does not know how to swim or is afraid of water (people who do not know how to swim will be able to watch the elephants bathe but will not be able to participate)
- The sanitized “Prout-prout”.
La Salle à Manger
The restaurant "L'ELEPHANT" is leaving Kanchanaburi and coming to Ganeshapark!
In the program :
Western breakfast,
Lunch: Thai cuisine
Dinner, French cuisine chosen the day before from the restaurant menu. (vegetarian or not)
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
Thaïlande, Eléphant, Kanchanaburi, Ganeshapark
Thaïlande, Eléphant, Kanchanaburi, Ganeshapark

People coming
- For a stay following the basic formula (A day with the elephants and two nights on site)
- For a mini course (two days with the elephants and three nights on site)
- For a one-week course (six days and seven nights)
Are staying in a nearby hotel.

Free hotel transfer – Ganeshapark provided by us
Hotel price included in the reservation

Rooms with a double bed
Or two single beds.

Possibility of adding an extra bed for a child

Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
People coming
For a one week stay
Or ten days
As an eco-volunteer
Are housed on site in bungalows currently under construction
Here is the bungalow that served as a model
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark

A unique moment to share with the elephants:
Play, swim, laugh with elephants, in the river, right in front of our homes.
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
Elephant, Thaïlande, Ganeshapark
The walk
Essential to the well-being of the elephant, a trip of a few kilometers around the area
We walk with the elephants, we accompany them.
it is possible to ride elephants during this walk.
A unique place to meet
and discover elephants
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